The Pilgrims ‘ Hospital

info-office-2This unique medieval ensemble on the Paths of Santiago de Compostela invites you to discover an exceptional and authentic architecture. Under the vault, many graffiti have been carved and many sculptures adorn the portals, will you find the Glutton or the famous eel of Pons? Inside, go back in time to discover the history of the pilgrimage and the hospitality of the past.

Did you know?

In 1998, UNESCO inscribed the French paths of Santiago de Compostela and the monuments staking the main roads, including the hospital of Pons, called today, the hospital of pilgrims.

En 2016: Exhibition “The Graffiti Jacquaires and compagnonniques of the hospital Neuf de Pons”

About 150 Graffiti castings representing:

  • For the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela: Pilgrims, shells, bumblebees, Bishop’s stock, messenger, no pilgrims, horseshoes, montjoies, crosses, etc.Grafiti
  • For companionship: Cayenne, walking sticks, coats of arms, tools, horseshoe Compagnonnique, the three founders of companionship…
  • Graffiti Miscellaneous: Graffiti of the Citadel of Pons and its ramparts, warships and merchant boats, anchors, solar pendulum, geometric marks, Calvary.
  • As well as a presentation of objects on the pilgrimage to Compostela: statuettes of the Apostle James, ampoules of pilgrims, mothers, medals, clothing ties, bumblebees, pouches, etc.

The opening hours and the 2017 tariffs have not been communicated to us yet

Visiting hours 2016: The last access to the Pilgrims ‘ Hospital takes place 45 min before the closure.

  • From April 2 to June 30: Open daily from 2pm to 5.30 pm except Tuesday
  • From 1 July to 31 August: Open daily from 14h to 18.30
  • From September 1st to September 18th: Open daily from 2pm to 5.30 pm except Tuesday

For groups of 10 pers. and +, guided tours resume on March 1, 2016. To book: Please click on this link.

Rates 2016:

The price includes visiting the hospital of pilgrims and the medicinal garden
6 to 12 years (free-6 years)
13 to 18 years old, student, jobless
Adult Group
From 10 people

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